Reliable and full HR supports

Reliable and full HR supports

Reliable and full HR supports

Assistance in employment of foreigners and Japanese employees and the needed HR supports. Experienced professionals will provide total support required for hiring of employees, be it foreigners or local. 
 - Sansei Trust Labor and Social Security Attorney Office


We provide the following services in accordance with Japanese HR laws and client’s group policy rules
・ Meeting / discussion with your company's HR staff by bilingual staff
・ Advising HR matters, including compensation for employees and expats
・ Web-pay slips in cloud environment (also compatible with access from smartphones) (English details available)
・ Easy to understand payroll calculation / summary for ease of accounting entries
・ Assistance in payment of salary, payment of residence tax and withholding tax

National social securities and pension

Where a new company is established or the management decided to hire / terminate an employee, we can provide total support on labour compliance matters such as enrolment to labor insurance, social insurance, etc. in accordance with Japanese labor laws

Creation / revision / support for staff handbook / work rules

Assistance in preparing the needed staff handbook / work rules (when required) that combines the company’s group policy and the Japanese labor laws, with thorough discussion / communication between the company’s HR department and our bilingual staff

Defined contribution pension plan introduction support

The introduction of the defined contribution pension system, which offers preferential tax treatment, has been evaluated as a generous welfare system for employees in place of the standard retirement allowance, has been gaining popularity among large companies and others. We are pleased to provide assistance on the enrolment if required.

Labor issues discussion / consultation

Where required, we are pleased to advise the necessary procedures needed where there is change in working environment, change in social / labour scheme locally, etc.

High and reliable security system

Our company uses a very reliable security system in Japan for payroll-related matters and also, provide WEB storage service where customers, be it based locally or overseas, can access the cloud environment. Also, we take high priority in protecting private and confidential information coming to our hands, including the MYNUMBER storage.

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