Back office support in Japan

Back office support in Japan

Domestic business department

We analyze financial data in each element of the management cycle of "human resources -> purchasing -> advertising PR -> sales -> human resources" based on our unique "circular management" philosophy, and provide tax accounting services that are useful to business owners. increase. As a result of this analysis, many of our customers will be able to improve their management efficiency by improving their advertising PR and web marketing operations. We also offer proven know-how in terms of recruiting human resources and training successors.

Financial accounting in English

Main communication is carried out in English.
For example, if the client requests communication be carried out in English, we would prepare the financial statements in English, coordination for invoice payments in English as well as payroll calculation summary in English to the client
Also, the monthly reports submitted to headquarters, as well as telephone conference with the management, can be done in English too.

International taxes and tax filing

We specialize in accounting and tax services for foreign affiliates in Japan. Our motto is to provide our accounting and tax services in the best way we could. We offer tax consultation and filing of corporate tax / business tax, consumption tax, individual income tax and inheritance tax returns. We can also provide review and advices on provision of corporate tax and consumption tax, with the support and consultation of a retiree from the Regional Taxation Bureau.
Also, we can assist in providing advices in mitigating tax risks and lend our hands in high level review of draft audit report.


Our services cover payroll calculation, social insurance administration, resolving employment issues and other employment related matters in Japan for overseas affiliates.
First, we are responsible for the monthly payroll calculation, administration of social insurance for new arrivals and transfers, monthly employee social insurance, year-end adjustments, labor insurance application and other matters related to employment in Japan.
We also provide advices on rent allowance, explanation on employment documents to foreign staff in English and filing individual income tax return for expats.

Second, termination issues are of our clients’ concerns too. There are times when staff has to be terminated due to restructuring of business / organization. In this regard, we provide our advices to the human resources department and take the lead on the termination procedures for our clients.
In addition, we also able to prepare the work rules, both in Japanese and English version, for our clients when such request arises.

Banking services and corporate management custody

We assist in opening bank accounts, maintaining bank custody and carrying out payment services through the bank for foreign affiliates with organization in Japan, in addition to human resources, tax and accounting matters.

External director, auditor appointment

Recently, it has been possible to register a representative who lives / based overseas, but foreign affiliates would also prefer to appoint a nominal representative director who is based in Japan for the ease of management and running of operation in Japan. Or, the nomimal representative may be appointed for a short period of time before a suitable local employee / director can be found and put in place.
In addition to the nominal local representative, we are also appointed by our foreign clients as an audit committee member and / or advisors for foreign affiliate’s Japan subsidiaries.

Also, when the headquarter finally decides to close down the Japanese organization, we can serve as the liquidator and liaise with the relevant parties, such as lawyers, auditors and overseas headquarters, for liquidation purpose. We can also assist in preparing the final tax return for liquidation purpose.
Also, when the headquarter finally decides to close down the Japanese organization, we can serve as the liquidator and liaise with the relevant parties, such as lawyers, auditors and overseas headquarters, for liquidation purpose. We can also assist in preparing the final tax return for liquidation purpose.

Non-resident consumption tax filing

Non-residents may have the right to claim refund on the Japanese consumption tax when carrying on business in Japan.
For e.g., if a foreign aviation company flies into Japan, consumption taxes are filed in order to obtain the input tax credit back on expenses paid for aircraft engine repairs, security fees for parked aircrafts, advertisement video fees, flight crew’s lodging and meals and transportation fees.

Internal audit

Compliance and fraud prevention measures are vital for conducting business, and we are able to assist in this area too.

Transfer pricing tax systems

With the support from a retiree from the Regional Taxation Bureau, we are well-equipped to assist clients who are concerned of the related party transactions from Japanese transfer pricing perspective.

Staffing service

We offer advices and preparation of employment contracts in compliance with Japanese labor laws and the company’s rule and regulations, especially matters concerning overtime and termination in Japan.

Reliable and full HR supports

Reliable and full HR supports

Assistance in employment of foreigners and Japanese employees and the needed HR supports. Experienced professionals will provide total support required for hiring of employees, be it foreigners or local. 
 - Sansei Trust Labor and Social Security Attorney Office


We provide the following services in accordance with Japanese HR laws and client’s group policy rules
・ Meeting / discussion with your company's HR staff by bilingual staff
・ Advising HR matters, including compensation for employees and expats
・ Web-pay slips in cloud environment (also compatible with access from smartphones) (English details available)
・ Easy to understand payroll calculation / summary for ease of accounting entries
・ Assistance in payment of salary, payment of residence tax and withholding tax

National social securities and pension

Where a new company is established or the management decided to hire / terminate an employee, we can provide total support on labour compliance matters such as enrolment to labor insurance, social insurance, etc. in accordance with Japanese labor laws

Creation / revision / support for staff handbook / work rules

Assistance in preparing the needed staff handbook / work rules (when required) that combines the company’s group policy and the Japanese labor laws, with thorough discussion / communication between the company’s HR department and our bilingual staff

Defined contribution pension plan introduction support

The introduction of the defined contribution pension system, which offers preferential tax treatment, has been evaluated as a generous welfare system for employees in place of the standard retirement allowance, has been gaining popularity among large companies and others. We are pleased to provide assistance on the enrolment if required.

Labor issues discussion / consultation

Where required, we are pleased to advise the necessary procedures needed where there is change in working environment, change in social / labour scheme locally, etc.

High and reliable security system

Our company uses a very reliable security system in Japan for payroll-related matters and also, provide WEB storage service where customers, be it based locally or overseas, can access the cloud environment. Also, we take high priority in protecting private and confidential information coming to our hands, including the MYNUMBER storage.

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