Origins of SANSEI Trust

Standard of success, "SANSEI". 3 is a symbolic number.

For instance, Christ, Buddha and Confucius are the three saints.
Atlas, Aramis and Porthos are the three muskeeteers.
Takamori Saigoh, Toshimichi Ohkubo and Takayoshi Kido are the three contributors to the Meiji Restoration.
There are also the three major nutrients, triple crown and hat trick. The number 3 connects sales, customers and products.
We would like to connect customers, staff and work with the number 3.
"Sei" means clean, pure or holy. Together, we are the "SANSEI Trust Group".

The golden triangle is to link the customers, work and staff, where all together emerged as winners.

Born in 1960, our founder is a Certified Public Accountant and Administrative Scrivener at SANSEI Trust Tax and Accounting. After gaining valuable experience in KPMG's finance and international taxation department, working overseas in the United States, and holding a position in a foreign financial firm, he ventured out on his own to establish the 'SANSEI Trust Tax and Accounting. For over three decades, we have been providing services such as monthly financial reporting, tax filing, HR, and accounting outsourcing for foreign enterprises expanding into Japan. Our strength is our solid reputation among major law firms, and as we enter a new era, we strive to be a robust accounting firm that is ever more trusted. We currently have an office in the Imperial Hotel Tower at the heart of Tokyo that houses 25 staff members and have been involved in the launch support for numerous famous foreign companies such as Tesla, Netflix, H&M, and Abercrombie. Additionally, in collaboration with Yoshihiro Nagao (Representative of NEO Planning), he has co-authored the book "The Textbook of Retirement: Money, Health, Purpose" (in Japanese, published by Kawade Shobo Shinsha, 2021).

SANSEI Trust Tax and Accounting is a professional firm providing tax, accounting, payroll and support services to clients mainly comprised of Japanese subsidiaries of foreign companies.

We also have a strong support from a retiree of the Regional Tax Office that is very well-versed in tax and accounting, especially dealing with clients of high net worth, from medical field and large-scale companies, those that are looking to efficiently carried out their business in Japan and make the appropriate Japanese tax payment.

We have over 20 years experience in inbound support and are confident that we are fully capable of supporting our clients where needed.

CompanySANSEI Trust Tax and Accounting.
東京都中央区銀座7-2-6 銀座アステルビル4階
PresidentTakehiko Fukuoka
[ Biography ] Born in 1960. Engaging in international business, finance, tax and accounting, for domestic and overseas clients for more than thirty years.
Opened a tax and accounting firm after working in a major auditing firm in the international trade tax department and foreign companies, as well as having the experience of working in the USA.
ManagerTakayo Haba
[ Biography ] Joined our office to take part in international business after working in the editorial department of a major publishing company, coupled with her working experience in France.
Sherrie Mak, CPA
[ Biography ] After graduating from University of Toronto, worked in PWC Hong Kong Tax Department, and a foreign listed company before coming to Japan to join us.
Keiko Yokoyama, CPTA
[ Biography ] joined our office after working in commercial legal affairs and consulting companies such as a certified public accountant and an administrative scrivener office.
EstablishedMay 1, 1999
Group companySANSEI Trust Group Co., Ltd.
SANSEI Trust Engineerings Co., Ltd.



SANSEI Trust Tax and Accounting.

Imperial Hotel Tower 14F, 1-1-1 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011
Tel. +81-3-3580-3544 / Fax. +81-3-3580-3543

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