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給与計算や税務会計の担当者を急募中です。(令和元年05月現在)We are recruiting staff.

仕事内容 こんにちは、お客様の新規契約がスタートするのと同時に欠員もあり、現在税務、会計のスタッフと給与計算や支払業務を行ってくれる方を募集しています。


雇用形態 正社員
年齢 不問
経歴 不問
待遇 年俸制、月額300,000円〜500,000円(実績に応じて相談有)
その他 ・オンライン英会話レアジョブ研修あり
応募方法 履歴書と職務経歴書を下記メール宛に添付、またはご郵送お願いします。

Message from the Director

SANSEI Trust Tax and Accounting
Takehiko Fukuoka, President

Hello, my name is Fukuoka, and I’m the representative. We started off as an accounting firm, but there is a limit to our usefulness by only tax accounting services. We have seen so many clients in the past that withdrew from business or had business contraction. Also, by tax accounting services alone we will get involved in the price competition, resulting in the exhaustion of our associates. Luckily we were blessed with great partners to be able to start a service that can directly contribute to our clients’ profit through support of human resources, sales support, and introduction of the industry’s key people. Now the ideal vision of the accounting firm and consulting business becoming our two wheels to tightly bond us with our clients has become visible. And that is the SANSEI Trust Group of today, with consultant business and IT service business added.

We’re a small office, so we cherish human relations. I want us to become an office where we can enjoy supporting and helping each other in order to make everyone who works here feel sustainable and growing up, through working in this office.

[ Suitable people ]
As seen in the company philosophy, we live happily with the support from those around us. So people that don’t think all about themselves, people that can think from their neighbors’ of clients’ point of view are suitable. The members that have been with us for a long time are that kind of people. That kind of people gain skill and they’re quick at obtaining deep and good experience and knowledge. Although it is also in the company philosophy, we are living happily with the support of those who are around. How delightful it would be for your career in the following 5 or 10 years to do work that leads to the joy of your life. We hope that everyone in our workplace to become desired people from so many people in the future.

[ Suitable and unsuitable for this job ]
Those who are critical of their current situation are struggling to keep seeking for the bluebird. This kind of person can’t feel that their happiness is in this environment at this moment, so what they try to do to make the situation better makes them feel it’s making the situation even worse. To keep on pursuing, it is better for people that live the present for an even beautiful, happy, and fulfilling time. As a member of an accounting office, I hope to develop tax and accounting as well as wisdom, knowledge and human ability that are useful for my clients’ business, grow together and have fun working.

I want to become a person that can proactively provide ideas with good sense and creativity. As a conclusion, this is our 9th year with our office in the Imperial Hotel Tower. This office is comfortable. I put our office here, from the idea that everyone who works here, including myself, can have confidence, and that others and ourselves would respect our contribution to our clients, so I overreached myself a bit. I'd like a lot of people to apply,

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