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From the President

SANSEI Trust Tax and Accounting
Takehiko Fukuoka, President

We specialize in inbound and outbound support and would like to serve as a bridge for Japan and the future. The market that has been closed due to the language barrier is opening up little by little and we would like to withness the Japanese market to flourish.

In case where the foreign firms opening offices in Japan, we offer services that go above and beyond in accounting outsourcing, tax compliance and accounting services, staffing and business support. We offer useful information on the practical ways of doing business in Japan in English and assist our clients in meeting the tax compliance in Japan. We act as the vehicle for our clients by offering back office services, such as banking, business management, accounting, English bookkeeping and financial reporting. We also provide support / advices for developing markets in Japan, introducing key persons, collecting market information and marketing / business support.

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