SANSEI Trust Tax and Accounting.

By positioning ourselves as a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world,
we provide numerous support services to management
and operation of global enterprises advancing into Japan

SANSEI Trust Tax and Accounting.



Back office support

Back office support
in Japan

Our services include financial accounting, advice on tax, compliance tax filing, payroll calculation, bank payment and maintaining corporate custody, nominal local representative director, audit committee for legal purpose, non-resident consumption tax return filing, review of financial accounting, transfer pricing support and human resources support services, all of which can be provided and / or communicated in English.

True Partners

True Partners
international business support

Through alliance with "True Partners Consulting International" we also able to provide support to foreign enterprises entering into the Japanese market or by advising the headquarters’ on the local Japanese tax implication and accounting matters, including tax due diligence, tax liability calculation, etc.



Due to language barrier, it was hard matter of fact to carry out a successful business in Japan.
However, the recent change and development have given a positive outlook as compared to the past and Japanese market looks to pick up again.


We provide assistance to both local and international businesses.


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SANSEI Trust Tax and Accounting.

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