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The use purpose of personal information

User support about our service (question correspondence)
Other development for our service and implementation of all kinds’ questionnaires / surveys
Making of statistics
Practical use on a system, access on information for management and correspondence and for record keeping purpose

Handling of personal information

When handling personal information, we’ll follow the obligation set about personal information protection and guideline from Tsutomu minister, as well as adhering to policies thereon including laws on protection of personal information.

Usage of personal information

Getting one’s own consent beforehand, except in case by court order or by law, we shall treat personal information with high integrity.

Safety control measure

We take the great care in safeguarding the personal information entrusted to us.

In the step of nominal director / representative

We shall treat the personal information received in the capacity of nominal director / representative as if it’s received directly by us.

Safeguarding from irrelevant third parties

We exercise necessary control and safeguarding personal information coming to our possession. Disclosure to third parties is only undertaken where we are given approval directly from the clients themselves to do so.

Disclosure of personal information

Unless with court order or by the user himself / herself, we shall take necessary steps to ensure that personal information coming to our possession is treated confidentially and professionally.
Question about handling of personal information
Please inquire to the following on handling of personal information.
SANSEI Trust Group Co., Ltd.
Tel. +81-3-3580-3544

Revision of personal information policy

From time to time, we may change and revise the policy about the personal information based on practice, guidelines and protection law in Japan.

Your access to our site, including disclosure of personal information, implicitly meant that you agree to our personal information policy.

We take our best effort in protection of personal information coming into possession. However, the ultimate responsibility would fall on the user himself / herself and Sansei would not bear any loss arising from such.

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